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Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who are Loncourt Web?

    Formed in 2011, Loncourt Web is a freelance business organisation who develop, build & implement web sites typically for entry level SME's.

  2. What is HTML5?

    Simply put, HTML5 is the 5th major revision of the core language of the World Wide Web. In this latest version of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), new features have been introduced to assist web site compilers and special attention has been given to both browser and device conformance and compatibility. Users really do not need to worry about this at all!

  3. What is CSS3?

    CSS3 (Cascading Style Sheet) is the latest version of the standard that defines the presentation of web pages. Fonts, font sizes, colours, page displays, images are just a few examples of what the CSS delivers.

  4. What is JS5?

    JS5 is the latest version of Javasript which is used to make things happen on the web. So when you see images changing (sliding), text expanding, menus being displayed then it's likely to Javasript at work.

  5. You refer to 'web standards'. What are they?

    The W3C is the wordwide consortium that develops protocols, standards and guidelines to ensure the long term growth of the web of which HTML5 is the cornerstone.

  6. Can you really get free web site design?

    Yes! Today there are many individuals and organisations who are happy to showcase their work. In the event that a suitable 'freebie' cannot be sourced we can easily source a low cost solution - expect to pay around £75 for a premium template. Typically you would be expected to link back to the supplier.

  7. What do you actually mean by 'Build & Implement'?

    This is building a structure, adding code, content & functionality to web pages ensuring that it is robust and can be recognised by web browsers and devices. Web pages are linked to other coding pages (e.g. CSS & Javascript), image files and also contain code that is used by search engines (e.g. Google). Web sites are published by uploading files to a web services provider who are connected to the World Wide Web and who typically allocate both your Domain Name (web address) and Web Space (hosting).

  8. Do you do e-commerce web sites?

    Yes! There are many either open source or cost effective solutions for clients who wish to sell their products on-line. We are a particular fan of Opencart, a package that we have worked with previously, which is open source software but available with premium options. E-commerce websites include a a variety of Product and Category options, a Shopping Cart and Checkout facility plus a choice of Delivery Services and Payment options.

  9. Is my web site secure?

    123-Reg is our chosen provider of both Domain Names & Hosting Services who are part of an international group that provide their services from a secure UK data centre.

  10. What if we need to change our web site?

    We are able to manage your web site and make minor or major changes - no problem!


Mirfield CC Web Site


Loncourt Web have continually developed the club's web site since in 2011. When club funds allow we will certainly update to the new standards.”

Mirfield CC, Local Sports Club